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Welcome to Mario-OC-Princess!

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As per our name, we're a friendly Super Mario fan-group that focuses on the creation of YOUR Super Mario-themed Princess OCs and developing them to become more well-rounded, in-depth characters! Your princess OCs may partake in events, contests, drawing challenges, role-plays, and other fun stuff!

If you read and abide by our rules and have enough deviations for your Princess, we will feature her in her own artwork folder in our group where your artwork and others' fanart of her may be featured there! Contest winners will have their art featured on our front-page!

Although we do not accept fanart of just canon-characters, you may draw canon-characters from the Super Mario Universe (and even from other Nintendo Universes) with your OCs! Be sure to read the Crown by XiahismGroup Rules Crown by Xiahism before joining our group and for more information on how get your Mario Princess OC her own folder!

We hope that you'll have a wonderful time here in our group with your princess OCs! See you around soon!

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Nov 19th, 2017

Hello again! To all who are reading this, the public voting on our Autumn Harvest contest is now closed!

The comments box will be left open for reference, but any new comments made containing votes during this time will not be considered for judging, and any newly edited comments will be referred to their last edit made before the official deadline.

Thank you so much to all who voted for your favorites! The winner will be announced sometime today, so see you then, Princesses!

Nov 13th, 2017

Greetings, everyone! We're here to inform you that out Autumn Harvest Contest is officially closed for entries! To everyone who participated and supported this contest with your contributions and hype, thank you so much for doing so! We're very pleased  at the amount of people who took interest in our contest and added additional prizes for our soon-to-be three winners! (You can check out all of the updated prizes in our contest journal!). Thank you all again, thank you so much! We hope to make an even bigger, even more epic contest next time around! :dance:

So, now is the time, everyone! It's time for you all to vote on your favorite contest entries! Each entry (as well as their descriptions) below will be numbered according to their earliest submission date.

Free Micro Pumpkin icon by gutterface Please vote for your favorite submission in this format:  "I vote for (entry number here)" or "I vote for (artist's name)". Either one is fine!

free micro ghost icon by gutterface If you can, please try to write a little description as to why you like that entry the most!

Wyngro Ice Pixel Element by Wyngrew The six who entered in the contest may also vote for their favorite entries here, and you may vote for your own contest entry if you want to (don't forget to tell us why)!

Free Micro Pumpkin icon by gutterface Remember, everyone has different art styles. Try to also consider the amount of effort that an entrant has put in their piece!

free micro ghost icon by gutterfaceVoting will end on November 18th! After that, your votes will be tallied up and sent to the judges for deliberation.

Wyngro Ice Pixel Element by Wyngrew Your official judges this year will be :iconfabprincesscut:, :iconhomupeachy: and myself, :icontheroyalarchitect:!

Now, without further ado, Here are the contest entries!! :la: Tanooki Mario by Sinister-Starfeesh

Entry #1, :iconthediscoturkey: TheDiscoTurkey
The Grand Fall Festival by TheDiscoTurkey

The Grand Fall Festival

"In the Romantopia Kingdom,fall is the most important and lively season.

Everyone in the kingdom prepares for the grand Fall Festival,which lasts from October 30th to November 3rd.

This season is the period when Romantopia's famous dark red roses,which have bloomed at their best,get collected and sold in the festival's stands,and replaced with pumpkins which will grow during winter,in order to avoid the flowers to wilt.

Lots of people from other kingdoms come to the festival to buy the roses and take part at the Royal Ball,hosted by Romantopia's royal family.

It is indeed a pleasant experience to dance from when the sun starts to fade until late night,buy roses or little typical crafts,or have a piece of the delicious Devil's Food Cake,prepared in advance by Princess Raven herself,in the middle of red-colored nature."

Entry #2, :iconmagicianofmysteries: MagicianofMysteries
I Did It For Empress Cedar by MagicianofMysteries

I Did It For Empress Cedar

"This festival shouldn't have been hosted by me, and I know that. Everything is different now. I'm the Empress, and Cedar is no longer here. But she was my best friend, and she loved the Halloween Festival more than any other celebration... I did it for her. Now, Poison... dry your tears, and let's get this party started!"

So, after Cedar dies and Poison takes over, Poison has no idea how to host the Halloween Festival that Cedar used to love so much. Poison decides to host it by the Cedar and Maple Memorial. This image depicts her walking down the road to the festival just before it's to begin. I tried my best to make it seem serene, as Poison recalls happy memories from when she and Cedar would go to the festival together."

Entry #3, :iconprincessartist2009:  PrincessArtist2009
Fall Fun in Floria by PrincessArtist2009

Fall Fun in Floria

"Panel 1
Bella is wearing what I think is a gardening outfit (I did a Google search and typed "what to wear when gardening" and I saw a picture of a lady in a dress wearing boots and a garden hat so I thought why not throw it on Bella? XD). She is planting more tulip bulbs! Tulips are an annual flower, so they don't need to be replanted every year because they automatically come back every Spring. But Bella figures she could plant some more to make the land more spiffy!

Panel 2
Witches chanting? Well, why not? Evil witches probably don't like Summer very much because it is all about the sun. Dark Bella is happy that Fall is here!

Panel 3
The tulip bulbs appear to be all snug before the Winter frost! Tulips are generally planted in the Fall and need to stay in the ground for the Winter so they can grow in the Spring!

Panel 4
I love it when the leaves change color! Here, the wind gathers the leaves into piles.

Panel 5
The kingdom of Floria does celebrate Halloween. Despite being a flower kingdom, they do indeed cherish pumpkins! If you think about it, most vegetables and fruits start out as florals. And who doesn't love a good scare? Bellina is seen wearing a zombie mask to scare the little flower creature thing (I'm not a pro at creating original species but I just threw her in anyway).

Panel 6
Dark Bella is giving out candy in front of the house she bought in Floria. Dark Bella points down towards her foot to show that the poor trick-or-treater has to massage her feet before she can have a piece of candy! But wait, why would Dark Bella's feet be sore when she floats instead of walks? Dark Bella actually does walk on the ground once in a while, and in this case she must have had a long day. The trick-or-treater appears to be one of my "flower toads" that I have mentioned in Bella and Bellina's bio. But it's not as noticeable because of the witch hat covering her head.

Panel 7
The sun sets over the cleared-out fields!

Panel 8
It looks like Bella wasn't prepared for the Winter chill. She was too busy having fun, and now time has passed so quickly. I drew Princess Snowy to represent the Winter breeze. It seems Bella has not made a dress for Winter, or at least she forgot about wearing long sleeves! As much as she loves her beautiful crimson tulip strapless dress, the consequences of exposing her bare shoulders to the harsh wind is a runny nose and being sent to bed."

Entry #4, :icondaracoon911: Daracoon911
Contest Entry: Autumn/Winter by Daracoon911

Contest Entry: Autumn/Winter

"1st Panel: Amelia receiving what seems like a infinite sea of vegetables thanks to Cornstalk for the Thanksgiving celebrations. Cornstalk always sends too much vegetables and despite Amelia donating the veggies to the kingdom and using it herself, they always have a large amount of leftovers which will never deplete.

2nd Panel: Amelia doing a pumpkin carving. On Halloween, the kingdom has a pumpkin carving contest and the winner gets 100,000 coins, a trophy, a day at the castle and a year's supply of sweets.

3rd Panel: (Top one on right hand side) Amelia in awe of her new dress for the yearly Christmas Eve Snow Ball. It is celebrated with dancing, food present giving and much more. Amelia gets a new dress designed for her every year.

4th Panel: Amelia looking confused as why her plants are covered in frost and ice. Looks like she didn't use Cornstalk's book called 'Gardening with a Touch of Royalty' properly

Final Panel: Amelia with the longest Christmas list in history. Her list consists of her events she has to attend to, presents for family and friends and supplies/decorations. All left on one of her Toad servants. Poor Toad! :("

Entry #5, :iconcrystalcrowned: CrystalCrowned
CE ~ Fall Harvest by CrystalCrowned

CE ~ Fall Harvest

 "A chill flows through the partly cloudy Bouquet Kingdom as folk warm up a little for Fall, leaves turning a wide array of yellows, reds, and purples! Even though the land is more popular in the Spring, there are still tourists who search for flowers that bloom during the Autumn weather for their blogging aesthetic! Some farms finish up harvesting up in-season squash or sweet potatoes while others plant certain seeds early into the ground so they can blossom when Spring comes, various soon-to-be flowers filling the country soil far and wide around grassy colors of yellowish green! In the city some people are still out and about - Although it's not too busy the sights of colorful buildings blend fairly with the gray sky, smells of pumpkin spice and apple pie fill the air of nearby shops with food that just screams about the current weather! Trying not to be too distracted with running errands on his day off, Petali keeps himself together while he browses the country market. The castle staff wasn't short of a hustle either, Clusia's posse serving up some tasty treats and Aurel's brigade keeping the gardens in check with the king. Just about anyone and everyone was doing their own thing, even Lillianne lending a hand to make the villa look nice for her invites - At least, after she makes herself nice first! While she likes to impress any of her visitors the castle can wait, hanging up a few drapes to just kindly compliment some gloomier rooms.
  At the tea party with her guests the princess feels a little disappointed that only a fair few could show up, but for the most part they were at least people she was more than happy to talk to - At the very least she intentionally decided to not invite some of the odd royals she knew to not spoil her mood. She handles herself cool and collected under the stress, the compliments of her looks and palace decor fill her with utmost joys and put her at ease. Together they talked about things going on in their lands, spending more time with each other, and the upcoming Winter games! For just a small crew everyone still has the utmost fun talking to each other until the day is done, everyone seeing their way back to their guest rooms. While the chillest season has yet to show, the veiled skies grace the land with an early snow..."

Entry #6, :iconroiality: Roiality
Fall fun time by Roiality

Fall fun time

"Around this time many kingdoms are preparing great event for the coming fall and winter except for me. Thanks to my kingdoms unknown history and location its hard for people to find me. But siting around and doing nothing in the castle while all this fun and excitement is in the air I think not!
So I called James, his little cloud brother, and Lollypop to have a fun leaf party in my surrounding forest. Sometimes though if lucky a tanooki leaf from the mushroom kingdom will blow into my lands."

Once again, we wish the best of luck to each and every one of you! Let the voting begin! Pumpkin La by Snowshi

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